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Centro Textile is one of the leading companies in the sector with more than 100 experienced employees, 850.000 tons of air textile and 300.000 tons of friction textile yarn production in its facilities established on a total area of ​​15.000 in Gaziantep Organized Industrial Zone.

50% of our production is exported to various countries, mainly Europe and America, and 50% meets the domestic market demands.

Our institution is expanding its production network and capacity every year by keeping quality and customer satisfaction at the forefront and constantly updating itself with the latest technology machine park that can respond to changing customer demands.

CENTRO TEXTILE is to support the increase of the competitiveness of the products in international markets with the development of new polyester yarn types. With its experienced R & D personnel with knowledge in polymer material technologies, polyester polymer production, synthetic fiber production, yarn texturizing and processing, textile and yarn design, textile and yarn testing and analysis methods, CENTRO TEXTILE pays great attention to its R&D activities. It increases its R&D investments by increasing its share allocated to this field with each passing year.


Keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront of information and technology era to keep up with the technical infrastructure of us, all over the world with our team of experts in international standards in Turkey, we are giving high quality services with innovative production process, is to produce and maintain the place we have.


To progress confidently with its experienced staff and stable steps aiming to develop and grow in the textile sector, which is renewed and developing day by day.