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polyester mono color

Intermingled Mono Yarn (BCF)

With BCF technology, dosing occurs as a result of extrusion, cooling and extrusion processes. In order to prevent the filaments from dispersing, it is obtained by the process of intermingling with pressurized air on the yarn.

Frisian Mono Yarn (FRISE)

Before the twisted yarns are subjected to the fixation process, the yarn is curled between two cylinders by the compression method and then steam is applied on the yarn to make the yarn appear wavy. Then, the same yarn is subjected to fixation process and the permanent feature of the yarn is given.

Fixed Mono Yarn (HEAT SET)

After the twisting process is completed, the yarn is subjected to heat treatment again and thus the yarn becomes more resistant to physical conditions.

technicial specifications

Dtex CountBetween 900-600
Flament CountBetween 90-360
Twist CountBetween 50-300
Twist DirectionS / Z